There is deliberately no blog. With good reason. This is our site, and it's full of work we've done. Nothing else.

Too many creatives fill their blogs with great work they had nothing whatsoever to do with. As if simply finding something great and sharing it somehow makes them a better creative. Recognising great ideas doesn't mean you can create them. One 'creative' we know doesn't have a single bit of his own work on his entire website. It's just a showcase of other people's thinking he's gathered and sicked back up with a few comments. He doesn't even have the decency to steal it properly, he's openly just showcasing other people's ideas. Makes us angry.

So no blog. Just a showcase of our own ideas and thinking that we have created. Not as CD's either we might add. All this work is us as either art director, copywriter or both. And most of it we were Creative Directors on as well. So we take credit for selling the idea to the suits and the clients too. Now we're just bigging ourselves up - it's becoming like a blog.